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Covid-19 safety policy and procedures

Covid -19 policy

Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, on our return in September the Valentine School of Dance will adhere to government guidelines to keep everyone safe and  prevent the risk of infection. The school has a completed comprehensive risk assessment and will view the risk assessments of the halls we use.

Please read the following instructions, and sign to say you have read it, and agreed to the procedures, and given up to date contact information for contact tracing, before returning to classes.

There maybe some changes to the timetables to allow for extra cleaning time and staggered arrivals for social distancing. I will try and keep these changes to a minimal.


All parents will be invoiced the term’s bill by email. Please make payments online, or failing that you may pay cash or cheque  in a sealed envelope given to your child to hand to me. Parents will not be allowed into the building to make payments.

Before arrival :

Check you are not unwell or displaying any symptoms, and that no-one in the family is unwell!

Change into your dance clothes at home . (I will not be asking pupils to change outfits between ballet and modern etc, only shoes)

Please arrive at your allocated time only.

Please arrive with your hair in a tight bun or ponytail or French plait, to minimize face touching .

Do not bring extra belongings

Wash your hands

Hand Cleaning

Wash hands before leaving home

Wash hands or use sanitizer on arrival

Wash hands or use sanitiser if using shared items

Wash hands after using the toilet

On Arrival

We will operate a one way system where possible, with designated arrival /drop off times.

Parents will not be allowed in the building, apart from those of children under 6 and those of additional needs, (I may also ask a  volunteer registered chaperone to oversee toilets and social distancing outside the hall on busy times).

The foyers of both halls will no longer be a waiting or socialising area.

Pupils will be allocated a bubble of up to 15 for contact tracing (this may include more than one class to enable pupils to take part in different genres)

Use sanitiser on arrival

Pupils will be designated a chair for their belongings in the hall, which will be cleaned after their use and a marked out area of the floor space for social distancing.

During Class

Pupils must stick to their own allocated space. Movement around the floor is allowed only as directed by myself.

No physical contact please between pupils.

For the time being therewill be no ballet barre, equipment or props used in the classes, unless they are your own. Also there will be no floor excercises.

Shoes must be worn – no bare feet.

Windows and doors will be left open to maximise air flow.

Only one person at a time to use the toilets, and please wash hands after use.

After each bubble group has left, all contact spots, chairs and toilets will be cleaned before the next group arrives.

Leaving class

Please use sanitiser or wash hands for 30 seconds

Parents must wait outside until pupils are ready to leave the building. Please make sure you are on time and waiting in a socially distance manner.

There will be a 10 minute break between the next pupils arriving for cleaning and social distancing.

General prevention

If a pupil feels unwell during a class, please notify me straight away. I will endeavour to move them to an isolated spot eg the waiting area and contact their parents.

All parents in that contact bubble will be notified.

If you or a member of your household has been unwell or has symptoms of COVID19 before attending a class, do not attend. We recommend you follow the latest government advice and use the NHS Track and Trace facility.

If you feel unwell after you have attended a class at The Valentine School of Dance then follow government guidelines and the NHS Track and Trace. Also please let me know as I  require this information to track and trace others who may have had contact with you within your class group, and ensure extra cleaning, and our safety measures are reviewed.

Coughs and sneezes

Please use tissues and dispose of them carefully in bins provided. I will be able to bring extra tissues to class.


I will not be prescribing the wearing of masks in class as this may lead to raised anxiety levels, and other medical concerns plus the need to replace masks once they become moist. I will not prevent anyone wishing to wear a mask from doing so.

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